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Zoetermeer city netherland is a city in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. "Zoetermeer", when translated into English, means "Sweet Lake". Zoetermeer will be the third-biggest city in the province of South Holland, after Rotterdam and The Hague once its building gets completed.  Though the city core reaches back a long time, most part of the city is not older than 30 years. Zoetermeer city netherland is a so called ICT-city (ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology) and it means Zoetermeer has a modern infrastructure, a lot of schools that offer ICT-related job. Also 20% of the population of Zoetermeer already has an ICT-related job.

Zoetermeer city netherland has little to nothing zoetermeer attraction to offer to its tourists. The city’s old centre is rather small, though the neighboring city centers are much more attractive. But visitors to the city could visit the old centre with the Nicolas church and a picturesque shopping street. Zoetermeer attraction has a lot of parks all over the town, the biggest one is the "Westerpark" in the westside of the town. It's almost as big as Central Park, NYC. There's also the "Buytenpark", the "Van Tuyllpark, the "Wilhelminapark", the "Floriadepark", the "Seghwaertse Hout" and the "Seghwaertpark". The city houses the only Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Netherlands. It is called The Hague Temple, and located in the old city center. It is a poular Zoetermeer attraction for the visitors.

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