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Breda city netherland is a lovely city with a very old history of over 750 yrs. map Breda is a city in the southern part of the Netherlands in the province of Noord-Brabant Province, at the confluence of the Mark and Aa rivers. This explains the name: "Breda" derived from "Brede Aa", meaning "broad Aa", since the river Aa of Weerijs becomes much wider after the confluence. Breda was a fortified city of strategic significance in North Brabant with many events taking place in the city. It’s a small city in the southern Netherlands which has grown as a marketing and industrial center. For the people of the Northern Netherlands, Breda has a kind of "southern" feel about it, since it lies close to the Belgian Border. Belgians often go to Breda because of its relaxed atmosphere and shopping possibilities.

Map Breda received city rights in 1252. In 2000 the city, celebrated its 750th anniversary.  Strongly fortified early in the 16th century, it was later the center of considerable fighting, notably during the Dutch wars of liberation and the French revolutionary wars. During a visit to Breda city netherland points of interest include the Lady's Church, a Gothic church, built mostly in the 15th century. It’s located right in the center of town, on the Grote Market. It’s a fine example of Brabantine Gothic style and has recently been restored. It dominates almost the whole of Breda. It took 125 years in all to build. It is richly decorated on the outside, and despite the effects of the Reformation in 1566 it still has a remarkable interior. A 14th-century Castle of Breda which now houses the Royal Military Academy is another attraction for the tourists.

Breda city netherland has no problems when it comes to nightlife and eating out. There are many restaurants, bar and pubs to spend the evening. The atmosphere is so warm, that some people describe Breda as 'the most northern city of Southern Europe'. The center of Breda has all of the shopping that one could want along with a plentiful choice in places to dine. Putting up at hotel Breda would be a comfortable and relaxing experience as it provides with the best of facilities. Reserve your hotel Breda with us at and be relaxed for a smooth stay in the city.


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